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Cooking & Eating

Updated: May 9, 2019

I was extremely lucky! My boss gave me a $1,000.00 Uber gift card right before surgery. I was able to use it for transportation obviously, but also for Uber Eats. I never ordered from the same place twice. (Except for Starbucks. Yes, I had a coffee and an iced tea delivered some mornings. It was worth it)

That doesn't mean I didn't plan for it in advance though. I searched and searched for a meal delivery service that would satisfy me. I ended up going with Real Eats. They delivered Sous-Vide meals that I just had to boil for 6 minutes. They were easy for me to make, open up and dump onto a plate. They were pretty good too.

The first 3 days all I ate was pre-cut apples, 90 second rice, saltines and pieces of rotisserie chicken. Pre-cut fruit is your friend, you're going to need the fiber.

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