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Updated: May 21, 2019

I started seeing a chiropractor for a pain in my back & neck in October 2018. Turns out, those muscles were guarding for a SLAP tear on my Rotator Cuff. We have no clue how I injured myself or when. I had surgery February 15, 2019 with the one of, if not the best, shoulder surgeons in the country; Dr. Sameer Nagda. Dr. Nagda was able to avoid operating on my rotator cuff and just move the bicep in a procedure called a Bicep Tenodesis. I developed Synovitis though post surgery, and was approaching a frozen shoulder. It certainly felt as though I had my Rotator Cuff operated on.

My Uncle has always preached the 7 P's. Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Projects. As soon as I found out I would be having surgery, I went to the Internet to find out how I needed to prepare. There's not a lot out there in the way of advice. I got a pre-op packet from Dr. Nagda, but it didn't tell me all the things I really needed to do to be comfortable. So I kept searching and kept coming up with own ideas.

Fast forward a week or so and PT starts with Alisha Nagda, Dr. Nagda's Wife. I also have my first follow up. I wore my Reboundwear jacket and they were both very impressed. As the weeks went on, I shared all of my other tricks and purchases which continued to impress the Nagda's.

So, at the prompt of my Alisha and Dr. Nagda, I've put together this Shoulder Surgery Survival Guide. I hope it helps you heal and recover a little more comfortably.

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