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The Right Clothing

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

I was petrified of getting dressed. It's uncomfortable and a hassle. I found a couple of items that made it easier though. In fact, my surgeon and his Wife (who was my Physical Therapist) were both in awe of mad shopping skills. It's really why I started this blog.

Reboundwear - https://www.reboundwear.com/discount/RH10 . They make pricey, but fashionable, comfy and high quality post surgical clothing. I bought the Celine jacket pictured in blue. It's incredibly comfortable and stylish. I wore it to the hospital for surgery and didn't take it off for 3 days. I've worn it to every doctor's appointment since because you don't have to undress for your surgeon to check out your shoulder. I contacted Reboundwear and told them I was going to write this blog. They gave me a 10% discount code to share with you: RH10. If you use the link above, the code should apply as well.

**If you get one of these, put a zip tie on the zipper of your affected arm so you can pull it with your teeth.

*****Quick update - My Father fell and broke his clavicle and is in a rehab facility to heal. I brought my Jacket for him and the Nurses and Staff are going crazy over it. They want everyone to have one.

Shoulder Shirts - https://www.shouldershirts.com . I could only afford 1 item from Reboundwear, which is superior. Shoulder Shirts are a close second though. Instead of zippers, they use velcro, but you can just step into these shirts. They come in all sorts of colors, patterns and sizes too.

Pull-On Jeans - There are a number of different companies making pull on jeans. I only bought one pair of Pajama Jeans for when I felt like I needed to dress up. The rest of the time it was only:

Baggy Joggers - Baggy because it's not easy to pull on something tight with one hand. Joggers because it's easy to trip. It was winter when I had my surgery, if it had been summer, I would've had a lot more options like skirts and shorts with elastic bands.

Baggy T-Shirts - Seriously baggy. I bought 4XL. When I wasn't wearing a shoulder shirt or my Reboundwear Jacket, these were the only things I could manage to put on.

For the Ladies, Nipple Covers - Forget about wearing a bra. I found the brand Nippies who make "chicken cutlets" for gals with DD or larger. They are found all over the internet.

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